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What is Vedic Astrology by itself:

Vedic Astrology is indeed a great human guide, which can give a decent idea of the possibilities in human life. The events in the life of an individual can be accurately predicted, which can help one to meet the ups and downs of life with self-control to take full advantage of one’s auspicious periods. Life on this planet, as well as human behavior, is greatly influenced by planetary configurations and the transits, which highly influence the lives of natives in all circles of human activity particularly health, happiness, marital bliss, financial gains, prestige, business acumen, and most important of all is personal relations. One must have the right type of Astra guidance to acquire the best of these virtues and for solving many difficult and complex problems with timely effective remedial measures. The main object of Astrology is to enable an individual to achieve the ideals, implied in the four-fold Purusharthas i.e. Dharma (to follow the right path), Artha (to earn money), kama (fulfillment of desires), and Moksha (liberation and emancipation). To attain Moksha, release from worldly bondage is a primary condition. To achieve this, it is necessary to develop calmness of mind and leave (destroy) all human desires. Astrology helps one to note the consequences in one’s progress through various phases of life and helps get over them with the least mental disturbance and thus providing perfect mental stability.

Few words about what we do:

Destiny can not be changed because it is linked with so many combinations of other lives too, but we can change our behavior to tackle these issues by not complicating our life in wrong paths and accumulating many sufferings, Astrology shows how to enjoy the real happiness of our life that the divine wants to offer us and make a better understanding in a best possible way to reach our goals. Astrology is a science and an answer to the humans’ thirst to know our destiny or the life happenings before they approach us. In a way, the complicated human relationships will sometimes make the person confused in making a decision, astrology scientifically knows how to solve these problems by knowing the person’s limitations, strengths, asking to feel their body-mind, and soul.


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