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Mrs. Madhavi Sharma is an MBA graduate with Dual specialization in Finance and International marketing and an MPhil in Entrepreneurship, she is having Masters Degree in Astrology and being from a traditional Indian family, she is having a natural instinct to know the subject of astrology and explored the deep roots of our Vedic systems linked with Astrology or Jyotishyam given by our sages, she explored so many books during her learning phase and still she is learning through the different knowledgeable people and self-experiencing the effects of what our sages through in our precious books. She feels that astrology is an astonishing subject and without learning and reciting the principles in owns mind the ‘n’ number of combinations can’t be discovered easily.




This is a complete astrology report which will cover predictions on every aspect of life i.e. love, marriage, career, health, children, finance etc. In this report our astrologers will give Dasha-Bhukti wise predictions.


MARRIAGE is the most important turn in life. If u r unmarried and searching for the girl and waiting for the marriage time, we will tell you the time of marriage and match comparison which suits u best.


In career astrology, u will get a detailed analysis regarding ur D10 chart ( dasamsa). Career options, and techniques to improve ur career growth though ur horoscope.

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The destiny can’t be changed because it is linked with so many combinations of other lives too, but we can change our behavior to tackle these issues by not much complicating our life in wrong paths and accumulating many sufferings, Astrology shows how to enjoy the real happiness of our life that the divine wants to offer us and make a better understanding in a best possible way to reach our goals.

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