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Welcome To MS Astrology

“Planets and stars always tell us the power of time and how they can change the world, so I started discovering until it became my specialized exploration. I hope my story can also help inspire you all" - Mrs Madhavi Sharma.

Vedic Astrology is indeed an excellent human guide, which can give a decent idea of the possibilities in human life. The events in an individual's life can be accurately predicted, which can help one meet life's ups and downs with self-control to take full advantage of one’s auspicious periods. Life on this planet, as well as human behaviour, is greatly influenced by planetary configurations and transits, which highly influence the lives of natives in all circles of human activity, particularly health, happiness, marital bliss, financial gains, prestige, business acumen, and most important of all is personal relations. One must have the correct type of Astra guidance to acquire the best virtues and solve many difficult and complex problems with timely, effective remedial measures. The main object of Astrology is to enable an individual to achieve the ideals implied in the four-fold Purusharthas i.e. Dharma (to follow the right path), Artha (to earn money), kama (fulfilment of desires), and Moksha (liberation and emancipation). To attain Moksha, release from worldly bondage is a primary condition. To achieve this, it is necessary to develop calmness of mind and leave (destroy) all human desires. Astrology helps one to note the consequences of one’s progress through various phases of life. It helps get over them with the most minor mental disturbance, thus providing perfect mental stability.

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What is MS Astrology.

A popular online platform for Vedic astrology in Telugu. Mrs Madhavi Sharma is a well-known astrologer and teacher who runs MS Astrology, and She has a rich academic background in finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and astrology. She has been practising and teaching astrology for over eight years and has a loyal fan base of over 70K subscribers on YouTube. She offers personalized reports, consultations, and courses on various aspects of astrology, such as moon sign, ascendant, navamsa, dasamsa, Saturn tansit, Rahu Ketu transit, and more. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and wisdom with her followers and helping them achieve their goals and dreams.


All consultations are made at the discretion of Mrs Madhavi Sharma after a successful transaction. All Consultations are per-person consultations unless otherwise noted. Other than Email consultations, all consultations are one-time consultations. Please note that the booked appointment time slot selected is not final. Mrs Madhavi Sharma will allot a new appointment time after the payment confirmation on WhatsApp (an earlier appointment or one two-day deviation is possible; you can discuss it). Refunds are allowed only for cancellations made two days before the consultation date; after that, a 7.5% processing and service fee is applicable on refunds. No refunds are permitted once the appointment is over. "For consultations paid in dollars $, Euros € etc., should select the 'NRI services'  then PayPal option through Razorpay Gateway at the checkout". 

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