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All the Answers You Seek, In One Place.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

How many types of consultations are offered by Mrs Madhavi Sharma.

What is the expected waiting time for a consultation after payment?

What can I expect my reading to be like?

  • Consultations offered by Mrs Madhavi Sharma.

  • Phone consultation – Verbal – Direct call on mobile number, WhatsApp call, Zoom or Google Meet (Audio Options).

  • Personal Appointment – Location – Hyderabad.

  • Email Consultation:

  • Video consultations.

  • Consultation languages are offered in Telugu (Main), English and Hindi.

  • It is generally two days to four days for phone consultations.

  • Five days for email consultations.

  • Three days to one week for Personal appointments. 

  • Priority consultations can be done mainly for health-related issues.

  • Please check for the exact time of the Consultation waiting time through WhatsApp at the office number +917995956648.

  • The predictions are based on your date of birth details, like time and place of birth. All consultations are time-based consultations with a minimum of two options that can be chosen. There will be a PDF report along with a phone consultation. Depending on your consultation option. From D1 to D12, charts with Varga strengths, along gochara predictions, will be analyzed.

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