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DETAILED LIFE REPORT (3 Options -Check Below)

This is a complete astrology report which will cover predictions on every aspect of life i.e. health, education, career, Love, Marriage, children, finance etc. In this report, Mrs madhavi Sharma will deal with Dasha-Bhukti wise predictions as per the options you choose.

(Rs 3000 ($ 50.00*))

MARRIAGE is the most important turn in life. If you are unmarried and searching for a partner or waiting for the marriage time, this report will cover predictions on Love and marriage. In this report, Mrs madhavi Sharma will discuss the compatibility and marriage aspects.

Marraige Problems
(Rs 5000 ($ 80.00*))

This report will cover the predictions on your marriage life, divorce issues, health-related issues of the partner and negative and positive prospectus of the marriage will be discussed.

Career Astrology
(Rs 3000 ($ 50.00*))

This report will cover predictions on career and finances, hardships in career, overseas opportunities, growth, and about your bosses etc will be covered.

Child Birth and C Section Muhurta
(Rs 5000 ($ 80.00*))

This option will cover the predictions on childbirth and for C section. Mrs. Madhavi Sharma will provide up to 3 muhurta for C section delivery.

Business Astrology
(Rs 3000 ($ 50.00*))

This report will cover predictions on aspects of business and finances and which business will prosper for your horoscope etc will be discussed. What type of business suits you and your partner characteristics and partnerships dealings etc will be analyzed by Mrs Madhavi Sharma.

Birth Time Rectification
(Rs 5000 ($ 80.00*))

Those who don't know the exact birth time but knows date month and year and the deviation in birth time is in between one or two hours can avail this option.

Health Issues and Dangers
(Rs 5000 ($ 80.00*))

This report will give an in-depth analysis of Health issues on different medical astrology aspects and remedies to overcome.


Please go through the consultation process with the below options.

Consultation – General:
(Rs 3000 ($ 50.00*)) per (Person) Chart: Any ‘one or two’ of the basic topics (like – Education, Career, Marriage Etc) in the horoscope will be analyzed at this time. It will be a phone conversation for 15 minutes by Mrs. Madhavi Sharma. A PDF soft-copy report in Telugu or English will be provided. 
Detailed analysis:
(Rs 5000 ($ 80.00*) per (Person) Chart). This includes Divisional charts not discussed above, Maha Dasha up to 7 years and preferred remedies, etc. It will be a phone conversation by Mrs. Madhavi Sharma, time for analysis will be for 30 minutes. A PDF soft copy report in Telugu or English will be provided.
You can record the conversation or request to send the recorded conversation.
Detailed Mahadasa Email Consultation#:
(₹ 11,500/ $175.00* per (Person) Chart). Those who want detailed life analysis and also don’t want to have a direct conversation and prefer this email report, for them can choose this facility. The report will include analysis of divisional charts with astakavarga strengths etc and the results of Mahadasa and Antardasa periods for 20 years with detailed remedies in each Antardasa and Mahadasa etc. An electronic script personalized report by Mrs. Madhavi Sharma with an audio recording of the life events will be sent to your email. You can ask questions on the First and Initial report sent and conclude in the second and final report.
# This can be converted to a total 1 Hr (one Hour) Telephonic Consultation.
After selecting any of the above options, You can transfer the amount through the direct bank transfers or through the PayPal link as provided below.
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After a successful transaction, Please send the transaction details to my email ID or to the WhatsApp number +917995956648, I will give my Direct phone number for consultation appointment timings.
For Personal Appointments (Rs 7500 (per person) chart) : Please consult on WhatsApp on office mobile number +917995956648 for slot availability. 

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Cancellation and Refund Policy: All appointments are made at the discretion of Mrs Madhavi Sharma, after a successful transaction. No refunds are allowed once the appointment is over. Pl mention for any cancellations 24 hrs prior to the appointment timings through whatsapp number, full amount will be refunded after deducting applicable taxes and 5% service fee.